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Be sure to check out our lotions: Bye, Bye KP Lotion; Bye, Bye Dry Lotion and RWT Cuticle Oil, available in various scents.

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Bye, Bye Dry Lotion

If you have dry skin, nothing can take away those little alligator scales. Until now. 
Bye Bye Dry is made with Jojoba oil and coconut oils. It's the only combination that actually gets absorbed into the skin. Causing your dry skin to disappear! FAST TOO! No time limit for this to start working. It's immediate. Smack those alligator skins goodbye! 

Pick your favorite scents, in 4 ounces only.

This will come with a full sheet on the ingredients. Here are some of them:
Jojoba oil, Acai blended butter, Shea butters, coconut butter and aloe butters. Added is a blue bead that on contact with the skin burst with Jojoba oil inside. 

Please let me know what you think of the lotion! I’d love to hear some feedback! If you have any questions, please contact me! Rwt@RubyWhiteTips.com



Did You Know:

Nail polish has been around for over 5,000 years and was originally worn in both China and Egypt as a status symbol. Upper classes and royalty in China wore bold colors like red and black while Egyptian upper classes and royalty favored red. Commoners in Egypt wore pale pastels.


About RubyWhiteTips

Ruby White Tips was started by me and my daughter. We adore nail polish and thought 'why not make our own colors'.

Our mission is to provide the most beautiful and eye-catching nail polishes you can buy. They are all hand-blended and custom made to order for your perfect look. All of our polishes are cruelty-free and 3-free. We hope you will enjoy our product offerings. We will be happy to custom blend any color you wish.
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Bye, Bye KP Lotion

This “Bye, Bye KP” is the newest addition to the RWT line up.  ‘KP’ is Keratosis Pilaris. This is a type of “bump” on the backs of arms, legs and on chests. Basically, wherever you have skin you could have KP.  I’m not a doctor (and I don’t play one on TV), so I only speak from my own experience. I have KP! My children also have it. While it can be extremely embarrassing it’s something you need to learn to live with. It’s no joke; you need to have “thick skin”, which is what KP is born from. Because KP is on thick skin, it tends to hold proteins in the bumps. You need to get that protein out! While nothing will take away KP, here is a way to at least help soften the bumps and make them so small that they’ll become much less noticeable.
You need to follow some rules though. You must exfoliate. Or, use a sugar scrub. It’s a must!! This product will still work if you don’t use an exfoliate loofah or one of those hand scrubby things to slough off the dead cells. But best if you do use them. Then, while skin is still moist right from the shower, apply this lotion.
It’s Vegan and doesn’t contain any beeswax, coconut oil, sesame oil, mineral oil or tapioca starch. (Which aren’t really bad for you; I just don’t use them in this product). Also, this has NO ACIDS of any kind! No lactic, sylystic hydroxyl, glycolic acids (and other stuff I can’t spell).

For a complete list of ingredients, usage directions and purchasing, please click the Products menu button, above

Please let me know what you think of the lotion! I’d love to hear some feedback! If you have any questions, please contact me! Rwt@RubyWhiteTips.com





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